Jade Sculpture

by Alma

Jade Sculpture
What is the value of two statue/figures made of jade or serpentine, 10" tall, one Asian, signed A. Santini?

While settling the estate of a relative we found two statues of figures, one of them definitely looks Asian, the other looks more European. Both statues seem to be made of jade or serpentine. One is about 10 inches tall and sits on a wooden stand. The other is about 12 inches tall. Both are smooth, apparently handcarved, with no paint or other embellishments. There is a label on the bottom of each. The label is red and has an image of 2 horses pulling a chariot. The label says, "A. Santini ~ Classic Figure ~ Made in Italy". We have attempted to research A. Santini at length and we found an Italian sculptor by that name who died in 1975, but his work is mostly in marble and is far more classically detailed than the sculptures we found. His grandson, also A. Santini, is sculpting now, but his work resembles his grandfather's, and does not look like the figures we have. We have no idea what the value of these figures is, and we need help. Thank you so much if you can help us.

Bring it to the Rohds show.

Hokusai - Jade

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