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Wood Carvings and other Wood Carvings related art.
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Wood Carvings
Where can I buy wood carvings of animals?

I am very interested in the carvings of animals. I can not find anything that can be purchased. DO you guys know of interesting sites that sell wood carvings of animals?

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It is no coincidence that
the art of woodcarving Indian was so famous for generations. Indian is
proud being a country has a worldwide longest history of sculpture,
dating back nearly 10,000 years. This is the age of first sculptures human
faces and animals found in a cave Noi to Dong Hoa Binh Province. During the Dong
Son cultural period, the former created Houses boat shaped curved roofs
and were further embellished by sculptures of the species of birds, animals and
single images.
According to legend, the
Wood carving is patriarch Mr. Sahni, a famous carpenter in India who built a
splendid temple of the Mountain Taj. Through the ups and downs of the dynasties
generations of carpenters continued to create more art products
with each passage day.
During the years under
domination of feudalism North carpentry in general and I wood crafts
especially made great progress through the accumulation of experience and
development experience accompanied by the traditional adoption the best
quintessence of Chinese wood carving. From 11th - 12th century
churches, pagodas and temples emerged as a strong religious beliefs developed.
Today, most decorations of ancient woodland no longer exist because of the war,
fire, termites and weather. For example, symbols Dragon beautiful, unique
distinguished from other images, which represents the Ly dynasty can only survive
through works in marble clay.
Following the tradition of
the Ly dynasty, there were other special woodwork during the Tran dynasty
from 1225 to 1400. Examples Dragons were accompanying flowers, musicians straddle
birds, fairies riding on Phoenix, and perhaps especially all
decorative wooden doors of Pho Minh Pagoda in Nam Dinh province, which is
the oldest woodworking are realistic, a freestyle and concentrated in
general rather than detailed. It was also a heyday for wood
artisans demonstrate their talents through decorations in their communal house
village. Thank you to skilful hands, beautiful places with red lacquer
gold cup in step-by-step arisen. In addition, wooden furniture has begun
to appear. However, the peak time of woodcarving was from the
16-17th century. Statues Buddha in the famous pagodas such as Tay
Phuong, but tap and Mia won praise as the finest. Works of art
"Bodhisattva with its thousand eyes and a thousand arms ", which is 3.7 meters in
high and have 958 weapons in the incomparable work of skilled hands and
represents great knowledge of craftsmen. Besides the construction of palaces,
Wood Carvers demonstrated their talent so popular
architecture such as village houses community, temples and pagodas, shrines
where there were thousands of artworks such as sculptures, intaglio, alto-reliefs
Inlaid sculpture, red lacquer trimmed with gold works, and works in lacquer red
trimmed with silver. All social classes were attracted by the craft Wood as
Most subjects were based on models of the palace with classical references and had
commercial practices for daily life.
Many wood crafts
villages are in the country. Their products are varied, ranging from
architecture (palaces, communal houses in the village, ...); Beds furniture (,
cabinets, tables, chairs, stands for flower pots, ...), religious objects (lamp
stands, incense burners, lacquer panels, pairs of wood panels
enrolled couplets, ...); wooden statues (Buddha, saints and
Famous People) to toys such as dolls, chess sets, animals, birds, ...
In the modern era,
social aspect of India has fundamentally changed politically, economically and
culturally. There was some conservation of cultural features but with
some adjustments some of interfacing with regional countries. The worst of the
economic development and market expansion of the end of the 20th
century and early 21st century
Indian handicraft production
in general and in particular woodworking were and are strongly encouraged. This
encouragement of good omen and a good signal for the development of wood
crafts throughout the country.
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